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Beauty Therapists from China visit Aachen and JANSSEN COSMETICS

11 June 2018
Chinesen zu Besuch in Aachen

JANSSEN COSMETICS is represented in the huge Chinese professional beauty market since 1996. Last year, China reached the third place in the ranking of Janssen Cosmetics’ business partners, just behind Russia and Germany, the home market so to say.

For the second time in the history, a seminar group of 50 beauty professionals was on tour in Germany last week and were also the VIP guests of JANSSEN COSMETICS in the ancient imperial city of AACHEN. It was an incentive seminar for the participants and customers of the exclusive representative of Greater China, the company Richfield Ltd located in Shenzhen, and represented in Hong Kong by its holding group Million Way Investments Ltd.

The owner of the company, Ken He and his son Stanley Jung Da He, having both strong ties to the Janssen family, owner of Janssen Cosmetics GmbH, personally guided the visitors on their tour in Germany, that brought the guests also to Heidelberg and Cologne.

The visitors were the guests of the whole Janssen team in Aachen. They shared the experience of past succes’ and followed an introduction to the future vision of Cosmeceuticals 4.0, the new assortment architecture and application techniques of JANSSEN COSMETICS.