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Cosmetics without animal testing

11 January 2021

Sustainable and conscious consumption is no longer just a trend, but a question of attitude to life. This applies not only to the origin of various consumer goods, but also to the manufacturing process. Anyone who buys and uses cosmetics such as creams, make-up, deodorants & Co. is consciously or unconsciously part of a whole. Who would consciously reach for cosmetics that have been tested on animals?! We create transparency: All our products are free of animal testing.

Janssen Cosmetics are not only committed to legal regulations, but also to internal guidelines to fulfil our company philosophy and values. We conduct our efficacy tests exclusively in Germany, with reputable laboratories.

Transparency is important to us

Do you have specific questions about animal testing in cosmetics? We provide transparency - with a certificate. All our products are free of animal testing - we make exactly this information freely available to you. We only work with manufacturers who are also committed to transparency. We have been assured in writing that our products are free of animal testing. You can see the certificate at our partners or ask us for it.


Did you know...?! Our skincare ranges also include completely vegan products. What is special about vegan cosmetics? These products do not contain any animal substances. This means that no ingredients are used that are produced from or by animals. These include, for example, milk, beeswax or animal dyes.

What is the difference between cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics?

Many people think that vegan also means that the products have not been tested on animals. However, the term vegan is not regulated by law. A product is vegan if it does not contain any ingredients of animal origin. In our case, vegan products have not been tested on animals. But beware: a vegan product is not always cruelty-free.

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