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All eyes on you

01 May 2021



How to get rid of tiredness and wrinkles and start the day with a glow!

To optimally care for the thin and sensitive skin texture of the eye area, your eyes need special attention in your daily care. The valuable AWAKE bouquet of selected ingredients serves as a rich eye care and, in addition to relaxation and more freshness, reduces wrinkles and offers protection against dryness.

Eye Flash Fluid gives our eyes new radiance and freshness in just a few minutes. Wrinkles that have formed due to dryness are smoothed out by the intensive lifting and supplied with sufficient moisture. A care that gives the eye area more elasticity and resilience and helps to get rid of dark circles, dark circles and also puffiness.

After all, it should be possible to read our every wish from our eyes, but tiredness & co. are definitely not part of it.







Concentrated hyaluron power in the smallest form. Radiantly beautiful, well-groomed eyes in the blink of an eye! 

Experience relaxing moments and let your eyes shine with youthfulness and freshness!



Find the optimal eye care!