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Anti-Shine: Our favourites against shiny skin

03 July 2020

Shiny skin instead of seductive glow? Your face shows an oily layer especially in summer? We show you how and with which products you can adjust your skin care routine so that your skin shines flawlessly and matt.

Give your skin what it needs!

Does your skin tend to have impurities? Not everyone is lucky enough to have flawless, pure skin. It is therefore all the more important for "problem skin" to treat it according to its needs. Care products should therefore be tailored to the main type. Because nothing is worse than to care for your facial skin contrary to its needs.

Care products - perfectly matched to the needs of your skin

JANSSEN COSMETICS has the perfect solution for every skin problem. Because the different series are designed for different skin types. All care products are carefully checked and tested for compatibility. We particularly recommend the OILY SKIN series for oily skin types. Our BALANCING SKIN series is the perfect care for combination skin. Both series are wonderfully combinable against shiny skin. Watch out: Now comes our 4 wonder weapons against shiny skin.

glänzendehaut-slide-en-fin_Zeichenfläche 1

Facial cleansing: Less is more

People affected by impure skin often suffer from compulsively frequent washing of the face. In order not to increase the sebum production of the skin excessively, it is sufficient to wash the face in the morning and evening with a gentle washing lotion. After all, our skin protects itself from drying out after every cleansing. The perfect cleansing routine: cleanse the skin in the morning and evening with our Cleansing Gel and then clarify with the tonic.

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Clarifying Cleansing Gel is a mild cleansing gel that allows gentle yet thorough cleansing.

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For all "soap fans" who love a rich and creamy foam during cleaning: The Gentle Cleansing Powder effortlessly removes oil residues and make-up from the skin and promotes a clear, matt skin appearance.

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Purifying Tonic Lotion is a mild, alcohol-free facial toner with a skin-friendly pH value especially for all oily, impure, acne-prone skin types.

Avoid matting covering powders!

Many people use powder for shiny facial skin to mattify the skin in seconds. But be careful: too much powder clogs the pores and can do more harm than good to the skin (coarse-pored skin is unnecessarily provoked). Skin that naturally tends to produce more lipids should not be covered with powder again and again. To prevent impurities and pimples, we recommend our Balancing Cream and Normalizing Skin complex, which stabilize the skin flora and have a soothing effect.

balancing_Zeichenfläche 1

Balancing Cream is a modern skin care cream with a particularly light texture. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and has been proven to increase its moisture content.
What is special about this care cream? The active ingredients are able to reduce the lipid content of oily skin areas and provide the dry areas with optimum and lasting moisture.

norma_Zeichenfläche 1

Normalizing Skin Complex is a high-dose concentrate. It contains among other things the innovative anti-sebum active ingredient with oleanolic acid. Brings the bacterial flora into its natural balance and supports the skin in its renewal. Perfect for soothing inflammatory skin conditions and preventing further impurities.