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Ampoules: Small miracles with great effect

27 May 2020

Upholstering booster or rather a soothing care? Ampoules are small miracles of active ingredients that are very versatile. It is impossible to imagine the daily care routine without them. But why are ampoules so popular? And for which skin type are ampoules suitable? We explain and show you what makes our ampoules so special.

What makes ampoules so special?

Small but powerful! Ampoules are the perfect complement to daily care with an immediate effect. Compared to creams, they contain a significantly higher concentration of active ingredients and are easy to use. They are particularly skin-friendly and due to their special formulation the active ingredients contained can be absorbed by the skin particularly quickly.

Is the content of one ampoule sufficient?

Does it always depend on the size? A few drops of the active ingredient concentrate are sufficient - that's why the content of 2ml per ampoule is super suitable. The ampoule content is not only sufficient as an "SOS cure" for skin in need of special care, but is also precisely dosed for daily care.


How often and when should I use ampoules?

Whether you decide on an ampoule cure (21 - 28 days) or daily ampoule care depends on the needs of your skin. It is crucial that ampoules are integrated into the skin care regimen. We clearly recommend an ampoule treatment. But our ampoules are also wonderfully suited for a quick "freshness kick" in between or as an "SOS" for stressed skin. And that at any time of the day, for day or night care.

How do I use ampoules?

The ampoule should be shaken well before use. By tapping lightly, the liquid can flow out of the ampoule tip. Then the ampoule can be broken open - to do this, bend the ampoule head in the protection of a paper towel and place the entire contents in the hollow hand. Gently distribute the contents of the ampoule over the cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Then apply the usual care cream.

Did you also know that ampoules have optimal hygiene conditions? Through the small opening, the contents hardly come into contact with airborne germs.

Which ampoule is the right one for me?

Ampoules are particularly versatile and satisfy almost every skin need. No matter whether you have impure, oily, dry or weak skin. The active ingredients of an ampoule, which are contained in high concentrations, are specifically selected for certain care goals, such as reducing wrinkles, tightening the skin, increasing skin moisture or to give the skin a revitalizing push.

These are our ampoules

Our range of ampoules includes the perfect bottle for every skin type. With an extra portion of care, of course. Discover our ampoules here. For each ampoule we have an application tip for you and the perfect match, with which you can achieve even better skin results.

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Tired skin

The Brilliance Shine Elixir is a highly concentrated ampoule of active ingredients that immediately compensates the skin for signs of fatigue. The fluid provides the skin with intensive moisture and gives it a fresher appearance and a revitalized radiance. Signs of fatigue are reduced and the skin appears firmer and radiant. The result: the skin looks wonderfully refreshed and relaxed.

Application tip: Use this ampoule as a 21-day course. The WOW effect? also visibly reduces wrinkles.


Low moisture & dry skin

Your skin is dry and needs moisture? Our Hyaluron Fluid moisturizes "thirsty" skin - and does so with lasting effect. The structure of the hyaluronic acid is of decisive importance in this process. While the long-chain hyaluronic acid forms a protective film on the epidermis, the short-chain hyaluronic acid acts deep down. The moisture, which is bound many times over here, leads to a real lifting effect: the skin is smoothed from within. Ampoule for ampoule, the skin regains new suppleness. Noticeable freshness underlines the revitalizing feeling of young, smooth skin.

Application tip: Ideal for use during a flight. If the flight lasts 8-10 hours, 2-3 ampoules can be administered every 2-3 hours.

Perfect Match: For perfect moisturizing of your skin we recommend our Hyaluron care capsules as additional intensive care for dry skin.


For lighter skin & against pigmentation spots

Melafadin Fluid is a special concentrate with effective skin brighteners that inhibit the melanin synthesis already at its origin, block the melanin maturation and last but not least inhibit the absorption of melanin into the cells of the horny layer.

Application tip: The fluid is particularly suitable as intensive care for the night

Perfect Match: Regular and combined use of Melafadin Fluid in combination with other FAIR SKIN cosmeceuticals makes the skin visibly lighter and makes pigmentation spots fade.


Stressed skin

Your facial contours are strained and tired? Increased susceptibility to stress, increased exposure to light, weight loss or even stimulants such as too much caffeine or nicotine stress the skin. It now requires an impulse generator for regeneration and activation. Caviar Extract with its biological active ingredient extract offers an ideal stimulant for a vital skin texture.

Application tip: The Elixir is particularly suitable when an immediate punishing effect is desired - individually or as a weekly cure.

Perfect Match: In combination with the Caviar Luxury Cream, the active ingredients achieve an intensive synergy with an immediately visible skin smoothing effect.


Firming - for every skin type

The Anti-Wrinkle Booster gives the skin a significantly smoother and more youthful appearance. The active ingredient concentrate supplies the skin with a maximum of skin-smoothing anti-wrinkle active ingredients and reduces lines and dryness wrinkles within a very short time. The contents of the ampoule lie like a firming net on the skin and provide a noticeable firming effect. At the same time, short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid provide intensive moisture and visibly smooth the skin. The result: the skin immediately appears firmer and smoother - simply more youthful.