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Algae extract in cosmetic products

09 August 2019

Many know algae from the sushi restaurant or from the beach on holidays. But did you know that algae are also used in cosmetics?

The proteins of the algae supply the skin cells with energy and form a protection against dehydration. In cosmetics, algae extract is regarded as a protective shield against moisture loss and dehydration, but the variety of possible uses is almost unlimited.

In cosmetics, mostly marine algae are used. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, micronutrients and proteins. They have a revitalising and remineralising effect, but can also stimulate blood circulation.

Beta-carotene and the vitamins in the algae activate the skin, protect it from environmental influences, combat free radicals and act as a natural anti-ageing complex.

Moisture in the skin also counteracts wrinkles. If sufficient moisture is stored in the uppermost skin layer, the skin simply feels smoother, smoother and softer. In addition, the important barrier function of the skin improves at the same time.

Red algae_Teaser_EN

Side effects or other disadvantages of algae active agents are rare. So, algae extracts are very well tolerated by people with sensitive skin, too. In summary, it can be said that algae extracts are extremely useful active ingredients in cosmetics.

Janssen Cosmetics also relies on algae and uses an extract of red algae as an active ingredient in the following products:

Clarifying Cream Gel

Clarifying Cream Gel


Clarifying Cream Gel is a lipo-minimized 24-hour care for blemished skin. The light gel texture has a balancing, calming and moisturising effect.

Skin prone to acne is often accompanied by large pores and a disturbing oily sheen. For those affected, this is a problem that can be very stressful. Clarifying Cream Gel starts right here and fulfils all requirements for an optimal 24-hour care for skin prone to impurities!

Normalizing Skin Complex

Normalizing Skin Complex

Normalizing Skin Complex is a highly dosed active agent concentrate for oily skin, targeted to treat persistent skin impurities such as stuck comedones, blackheads and pustules. Normalizing Skin Complex prevents new skin impurities, has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin clarifying effect.

The light formula contains salicylic acid to open pores, loosen dead skin cells, soften comedones and eventually completely remove them. An anti-sebum active ingredient complex with oleanolic acid reduces excessive sebum production and has an antibacterial effect. Aloe vera extract has a calming, skin clarifying and moisturising effect.

Tinted Balancing Cream

Tinted Balancing Cream

Tinted Balancing Cream's light texture reduces unsightly greasy shine, normalizes excessive sebum flow and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. The light tint also ensures a matt, even skin surface and a rosy, fresh radiance.

It restores the natural balance of the combination skin when applied daily and visibly refines enlarged pores. The light texture contains a sugar-like substance from rice bran, which balances the fat content of dry and oily skin areas. An extract of red algae provides soothing moisture and aloe vera has a soothing, skin-clearing effect. The skin surface appears more even and gently matted and dryness wrinkles are reduced.

Balancing Cream

Balancing Ceam


Balancing Cream is a light care cream for combination skin. It balances oily and dry skin areas, reduces dryness lines and restores the skin's natural balance. For a matt, clear and even complexion and a soft skin feeling!

Especially in the T-zone, the combination skin tends to an unsightly greasy shine. Even the best make-up is powerless here. These oily skin areas are not only unpopular optically, they also tend to impurities. Balancing Cream brings the lipid content of the dry and oily skin areas back in balance as well as reduces and normalizes excessive sebum flow. The skin receives an even, clear and wonderfully matt appearance and feels particularly soft!

Balancing Skin Complex

Balancing Skin Complex

Balancing Skin Complex is a highly dosed active agent concentrate for the regulation of sebaceous gland function in combination skin. The light texture refines pores, effectively prevents impurities and makes a particularly clear skin and a fresh, silky matt complexion.

Sometimes the combination skin tends to be particularly oily and thus tends to increased impurities and enlarged pores. During this time, the daily basic care is perfectly complemented by the application of the highly effective Balancing Skin Complex. This normalizes the overactive sebaceous gland activity thanks to the innovative anti-sebum active ingredient complex based on an extract of olive leaves. The skin appears fresh and silky matt again, impurities are prevented. The skin glows particularly clear and with visibly refined pores!