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What are the advantages of System Care?

20 July 2023

System care - care with a system

The transition from pure beauty care to deep-acting skin care

JANSSEN COSMETICS can do MORE than the conventional care products on the market. We develop products that inspire from the first application and achieve results that go far beyond superficial skin improvement.

Every person has a different skin type and therefore completely different skin needs. Dry, sensitive or impure skin requires special care: our skin care must therefore be as individual as our skin. Dry, sensitive or oily impure skin requires special care: our skin care must therefore be as individual as our skin.

The use of a system care makes a lot of sense. Our different skin parts have different needs, which are optimally taken into account by a care system. Another advantage: all the care products in a series are perfectly coordinated with each other. The base in which the ingredients are embedded is always the same. This is why there are fewer incompatibilities.

All care ingredients build on each other and reinforce and support each other's effect. Step number 1 for immediate results is always facial cleansing. For dry or normal skin, a cleansing milk with soothing substances is recommended; for oily and impure skin, a fluid or washing gel is more suitable. In addition, a facial toner facial toner should always be used to clarify the skin and remove the last remnants of the cleansing products. 

Afterwards, a Day and Night cream belong to the basic equipment. The day cream provides your skin with moisture and protects it from harmful environmental influences. Our night creams are richer and serve to regenerate the skin.

Special eye care is also recommended for the sensitive and thin skin around the eyes.

In the area of decorative cosmetics, we recommend our Make Up series, which not only brings colour to your face, but also provides you with excellent active ingredients.

In the area of body care care, too, there are highly efficient ingredients for every need, which effectively combat stretch marks, cellulite or fat deposits, for example.