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15 June 2021

What helps now against dry hands and stressed skin

Many hands are under a lot of strain right now: frequent hand washing and multiple disinfections - all these are important precautionary measures to protect yourself in Corona times. In addition, washing and dishwashing detergents come into contact with the hands every day. As an unclothed part of the body, the hands are also regularly exposed to wind and weather. Who would be surprised if the skin of the hands, as well as fingernails and cuticles, often look "brittle"?

The surfactants contained in soaps and handwashing products and the alcohol used in disinfectants strip the skin of its natural body oils and attack its natural protective layer. As a result, the skin loses moisture and harmful microorganisms can penetrate the skin more easily. This leads to dry, stressed and sometimes cracked, reddened skin.

This can be counteracted with the right care.


Our supple herbal cream VELVET HANDS combats irritated skin on the hands with active ingredients that have long been valued in herbalism. In the long term, a protective film builds up that acts like an invisible glove. Immediately after application, the cream unfolds its pleasant, cooling effect - without being greasy.




  • noticeably velvety and soft hands
  • the skin's physiological protective film is effectively built up
  • stressed, dry and chapped skin becomes soft and supple
  • redness and cornification disappear
  • fingernails are noticeably more elastic and cuticles noticeably soft
  • sweating of the palms of the hands is counteracted


  • Echinacea: The red coneflower is a valuable medicinal plant that has a regenerating effect.
  • Alpha-bisabolol: The main active ingredient of camomile has an anti-inflammatory, regenerating and calming effect.
  • Farnesol: A natural antibacterial substance found in essential oils that has a regenerating, deodorising and bacteriostatic effect.