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GLOW Secrets — the perfect Glow

15 April 2021


Let your skin glow from inside!

Everything good comes from above? Not at all. From the inside! "Glow" is not a metaphor for a state of mind for no reason.


A fresh, well-groomed complexion that glows from the inside out - that's exactly what the trend term glow stands for! Since a truly credible, radiant complexion is not created by just a bit of shimmer, we have developed a 24h care for a lasting glow effect. Sensational Glow Cream provides intense moisture and supports the skin's natural barrier, as well as radiance. Match it with our Magic Glow Serum, which enhances the effect and is also wonderfully suitable as a highlighter or primer.







Just 3 steps to the perfect Glow 


1. A thorough facial: Thorough facial cleansing not only protects you from impurities, it is a basic prerequisite for a radiant complexion. Our Gentle Cleansing Powder ensures particularly effective cleansing, promoting a clear and matte appearance of the skin.

2. Thirst quencher for the skin: moisture is the be-all and end-all for radiant skin. Our high-quality skin care cream gives the skin everything it needs to form a natural glow effect. To prevent it from settling unsightly in wrinkles and on rough areas of the skin, it must be intensively moisturized. The Sensational Glow Cream is perfect as 24h care and supports the natural skin barrier with a wonderful glow.

3. Get the Glow: The Magic Glow Serum unfolds immediately after application to the skin. You can distribute the concentrate over the entire skin or specifically on some areas, such as under the eyes or on the cheeks. Therefore, it is also wonderfully suitable as a primer or highlighter. It can also be mixed wonderfully with foundations and provides an extra portion of glow and the freshness kick for in between.


A novel, organic glow ingredient from the Indian Ocean:

The key active ingredient is an innovative algae extract obtained from the cell plasma of algae near Mauritius. This improves the skin's radiance in the long term by optimizing the cell differentiation process of the upper skin layers, thus ensuring an even structure - the perfect basis for a naturally radiant complexion. To further support this lasting glow effect, JANSSEN COSMETICS relies on the Equal Refining Complex, obtained from the yellow moambe, in both formulations. This refines the pores and effectively counteracts the formation of greasy shine. Caffeine also supports the skin's microcirculation and vitamin B3 strengthens the skin barrier and reduces redness.


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