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Vino Enjoyment

Vino Enjoyment

The anti-ageing power of red grapes!

It is no secret that enjoying a glass of good red wine from time to time has a positive effect on our organism. Grape pips are tiny power packs. They promote our health and also have antiageing properties.

However, the leaves of the grapevine also contain ingredients which we can use cosmetically.

Thanks to its revitalising and rejuvenating effects, a wine treatment is a wonderful and tried and tested antiageing treatment that leaves you looking and feeling good. The tannins and anthocyans which the leaves contain have a skin firming effect and invigorate the blood's capillaries. After a VINO ENJOYMENT spa treatment, your skin looks visibly firmer and stronger.


Let your client choose her preferred VINO ENJOYMENT treatment:

 Ø Grape body peel: vitalises and stimulates the circulation

 Ø Vino body treatment pack: intensively moisturising

 Ø Firming wrap: firms and tightens

 Ø Anti-ageing massage: stimulates fat burning

* All prices incl. Tax - Freight charges not included