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Pure Harmony

Pure Harmony

Inner balance for body and soul!

Pause for a moment, take some time for yourself and simply unwind. Reading a good book, going to a yoga lesson, meditating or just enjoying a cup of hot tea...it is often the small things in life that restore the balance of body and soul and allow us to escape from the hectic pace of our everyday lives.

In China and Japan, green tea has been valued as one of the world's most beneficial medicinal plants for almost 5,000 years. The extraordinary antioxidative power of green tea is due to the fact that it is rich in polyphenols. This inhibits the production of free radicals and stimulates the body's metabolism. Slightly less well-known than green tea is white tea. This precious tea variety is called “white tea” because of the white, silky down that covers the unopened buds. White tea extract is particularly rich in polyphenols (three times higher than in green tea) and is therefore particularly effective against premature skin ageing. The extract can also soothe and alleviate skin rashes.

The range of PURE HARMONY treatments is like a getaway for your body: they revive you; body and soul recover to master new everyday challenges.

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