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Janssen Cosmetics

2-Phase Oil Serum Hydrating | 30ml

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Price: 31.00 € (incl. Tax)
1 L - 1033.33 €
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2-phase moisture booster with hyaluronic acid and Hydro Skin Complex provides intensive moisture and visibly plumps up the skin.

2-Phase Oil Serum Hydrating: All skin conditions of dry skin, especially dehydrated skin, benefit from 2-Phase Oil Serum Hydrating with a plus of essential moisturizing factors. This moisturising 2-phase serum with hyaluronic acid and the Hydro Skin Complex in the blue aqueous phase cushions fine lines and wrinkles. Valuable oils such as jojoba oil in the yellow lipid-containing phase additionally care for the skin, making it noticeably smooth and supple. The result: a radiantly youthful and fresh complexion. Application: Shake serum well, place 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand and apply to cleansed face before the care cream.


Shake the serum well before application to mix the two phases properly. Then put 2-3 drops on the palm of the hand and apply to the cleansed skin of the face, neck and cleavage morning and evening. Allow to absorb briefly, apply the usual JANSSEN COSMETICS skin care cream as required.

TIP: The rich formula can be applied on its own in summer.


Ethylhexyl Palmitate: rapidly absorbed base oil; smoothes the skin and makes it more supple

Jojoba oil: rich in provitamin A, vitamin B and E. Jojoba oil is absorbed well by the skin and is non-greasy

Vitamin E Complex: highly effective antioxidant comprising different forms of vitamin E (tocotrienol and tocopherol; prevents light damage to skin

Glycerine: provides moisture; in addition to the hydrophilic effect, it is excellent for promoting skin elasticity

Long-chain hyaluronic acid: forms a hydrophilic film on the skin surface, protects the skin against drying out, plumps fine lines and wrinkles

Hydro Skin Complex: moisturiser comprising various natural moisturising factors (NMF) – sodium lactate, glycerine, amino acids, urea, allantoin and sugars

Biotin: also known as vitamin B7, it is important for the healthy development of skin, nails and hair

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