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Janssen Cosmetics

Beauty Box Awake + Firm

  • Reference: 898304
  • Weight: 0.42 kg
  • Delivery Time: Delivery within 2-5 business days

Price: 58.00 € (incl. Tax)
Freight charges not included


The limited edition kit contains 1 x 50ml Lifting & Recovery Cream, 7 x 1.5ml Eye Flash Fluid Ampoules.  

Eye Flash Fluid: Der Wirkstoff-Booster für die beanspruchte, empfindliche Augenpartie glättet Trockenheitsfältchen sofort und sorgt für einen

spürbaren Lifting-Effekt.

Lifting & Recovery Cream: Lifting & Recovery Cream effectively moisturises the skin deep down, leaving it feeling soft and supple. The complexion looks youthfully smooth and visibly revitalised thanks to the silky consistency.