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Consumers can order in the shop without registering an account. They always see the consumer prices including VAT. However, consumers are still free to register and to open an account, as this will offer them certain advantages and perks.

Retailers (such as beauty institutes, spas, wellness centers or other institutions of professional cosmetics) have to register first and to open an account. The registration will be verified and the tax-number will be requested. If the verification process is successful, the Retailer will receive an account number from Janssen Cosmetics and will be allocated all relevant parameters (region, representative number, salon purchase price tax excluded, tax system and tax rate depending on the country) and the registration will then be confirmed. Once confirmed, the customer will see the product catalogue for Retailer, i.e. retail items for retail sales, salon items for professional use and free of charge promotional items.

Wholesalers or distributors must also register. The procedure is identical to that of the retailer, but the characteristics of the customer number are different, and above all the prices.

* All prices incl. Tax - Freight charges not included