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Product Catalogue

The product catalog of the website Janssen-Cosmetics.Com contains all products of Janssen Cosmetics, both products for retail sale to end users as well as products for professional use in beauty salons, spas or other professional institutions where cosmetic treatment services are delivered. Consumers have only access to the sales items offered to consumer.

Retailers also have access to the sales items as resellers, but also to the so-called professional salon items which are only for the use in the cosmetics cabin, but not for resale. In addition, the retailer also has access to the so-called promotional items. These are specific sales promotion products used by the retailer in his salon, such as posters, decoration material, product knowledge materials and treatment protocols; or product samples and information brochures/flyers or gift items intended for free distribution to the consumer.

Wholesalers also have access to all three product types: sales items, cabin items and promotional items.

If you want to know more about the products or if you want to buy the products, you can do so as consumer, as retailer (beauty institute) or as wholesaler (distributor).

For detailed product information please click on the product designation line or the product photo. Product Information will deliver a detailed product description, the application of products, the important active principles, the weight of the article, the barcode (EAN number).

* All prices incl. Tax - Freight charges not included