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The products are ordered by selecting them in the catalogue, either by grid view, or by detailed view or by list view. The List View allows you to list up to 100 products per page. In the case of Grid View and detailed view, you add the products one by one to the shopping cart, in the case of list view, you fill the list and place the products collected in the shopping cart page by page.

When the order is finished, you can check the content of the shopping cart. You may delete items or you may add some. After your check you can confirm the purchase order and then choose the delivery address and the payment condition.

By pressing the button BUY, the order is binding and it will be sent to Janssen Cosmetics or the representative. You will receive a confirmation of the order indicating the representative which will deliver and bill this order. Purchase orders initiated from Germany, France and Great Britain are invoiced by Janssen Cosmetics GmbH and delivered to the buyer’s delivery address by courier service within 2-5 business days.

* All prices incl. Tax - Freight charges not included