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One face, two skin types - how to take care of both?

02 August 2017

One face, two different skins? Dry cheeks and a greasy T-zone? The typical characteristics of the combination skin type. The care of a combination skin presents some challenges, but with the right products they are easy to cope with. Our skin care expert, Hannelore Thoma, knows how:

In the mixed skin, the sebaceous glands are particularly active in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). The skin of the cheeks, temples and eyes is either normal or dry. In the winter months, the combination skin tends to become even more dry and in the summer it shines significantly faster in the greasy areas.

Just like the greasy skin in general, the mixed skin tends to impurities and blackheads in the greasy zones. A too rich care cream combined with the excessive sebum production in T-zone would cause even more pimples. If the care is too light, the cheeks would dry out further.

The logic question arises, how to find a care that takes optimally into account both skin types? Do I need separate care products for the two different areas, or is there a care product line with exactly the right active ingredients for the balancing act between the two types of skin?

Janssen Cosmetics‘ Combination Skin line masters the requirements of the different skin areas with selected active ingredients and regular application ensures a lasting success for this challenging care task.





The basis of every care is the cleansing, because the correct care can show its full potential only when the skin has first been thoroughly cleansed. Combination skin is best cleansed with Gentle Cleansing Powder, which cleans both skin areas efficiently, yet mildly from unwanted residues. The ultra-mild cleansing powder is mixed with water into creamy foam. Then spread over the face and neck in a cleansing massage and then washed off with plenty of water. Apply regularly in the morning and in the evening.



The thorough cleansing is followed by the day/night care. For an intensive care treatment, we recommend the serum gland-regulating active ingredient concentrate Balancing Skin Complex . Its oleanolic acid, obtained from the olive oil, counteracts excessive sebum production in the T-zone. In addition to its moisturizing and sebum-reducing properties, it also contains a natural astringent. This is the extract obtained from the larch agaric tree fungus. Regular application results in a more even and finely structured skin profile with significantly reduced pores, particularly visible in the greasy T-zone. The active ingredient Nordihydroguaiaretic acid, the so-called NDGA, treats inflammation and the hornified skin cells that provide a breeding ground for impurities. An extract of red algae moisturizes the parts of the dry or normal skin of the cheeks. The concentrate is applied to the greasy parts of the face and décolleté in the morning and/or evening after cleansing, lightly massaged in and left to work for a few minutes. Then apply the daily care.

Our advice: As soon as the oily shine on the skin subsides, it is recommended to continue the treatment with Balancing Skin Complex to maintain the success. In this case, one to two applications per week is sufficient.





The two 24-hour care creams Balancing Cream and its toned version Tinted Balancing Cream convince with the active ingredient Inositol which balances the sebum content of dry and greasy skin parts. Already after five weeks of regular application, a clear normalization of the skin becomes visible. Dry skin areas are better hydrated while the oily shine in the T-zone is reduced. In the tinted version of Balancing Cream, pigments ensure a skin-colored, matte and even toning of the skin.

The active ingredient concept of the product line Combination Skin is thus based on the four basic care principles for a mixed skin.

  1. Keratolytic: regulation of the keratin in the sebaceous glands
  2. Sebosuppresive: reduction of sebum production
  3. Pore-constrictive: reduces the pore size of the skin
  4. Clarifying: for a smooth skin.

Even a delicate complexion retains its silky-matt appearance and experiences a special moment of refreshment.