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Hyaluronic acid: extra portion of moisture

01 July 2020

Moisture is the basis for plump and smooth looking skin. Our skin loses moisture, firmness and elasticity especially in summer and with increasing age. Hyaluronic acid is perfectly suited to supply the skin with more moisture and make it look firmer and more vital. It is a well-known moisturizer produced naturally by the body and is also considered one of the most effective ingredients in cosmetic products. A real wonder weapon? We will tell you what you need to know about the miracle product hyaluronic acid and introduce you to our favourite hydroponics.

What is hyaluronic acid? Does our body really produce it itself?

Hyaluronic acid is a compound belonging to the glycosaminoglycans. It is an important component of connective tissue and is produced by the skin itself through connective tissue cells. The most important property of hyaluronic acid is its extraordinarily high water-binding capacity. Hyaluronic acid can increase its volume many times over like a sponge due to the enormous storage capacity of moisture and thus cushions the skin from the inside out. It serves as a filling material in the spaces between the supporting tissue of the skin and ensures a firm, smooth skin.

How long does the body produce its own hyaluronic acid?

Our body constantly produces hyaluronic acid. However, the production of the skin's own hyaluronic acid decreases with increasing age. What does this mean? The supporting tissue sinks and wrinkles appear. In order to maintain the hyaluronic acid content in the skin and to constantly fill the moisture depots in the skin, cosmetic products containing hyaluronic acid are particularly important and efficient. After all, they serve to combat wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid equals hyaluronic acid?

Not all hyaluronic acid is the same because there are essential differences. Hyaluronic acid has different molecular structures which act deep inside the skin as well as on its surface. A distinction is made between long-chain and short-chain hyaluronic acid qualities. Long-chain hyaluronic acid forms a protective film on the skin. The result: the skin appears smooth and soft. Short-chain hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, can penetrate the skin and pads it from the inside out. The size of the molecules of the different categories is therefore decisive.

Hyaluronic acid - how does it manage to firm our skin?

Hyaluronic acid can bind huge amounts of water and thus gives the skin a good portion of firmness. When applied to the skin, hyaluronic acid binds with the keratin of the skin, so that when the moisture evaporates, a slight tension is created on the surface of the skin. A smoother, firmer skin is the result. Small wrinkles disappear, the face appears fuller, the skin fresher and more youthful.

What is hyaluronic acid? And how do I find out?

Hyaluronic acid is found in a wide range of cosmetic products. Whether serum, face mask, eye creams, body lotion or face creams. To be on the safe side, whether hyaluronic acid is really contained in the product, you can look up the list of ingredients on the packaging (INCI). Hyaluronic acid is declared among others under the term "sodium hyaluronate" or "hyaluronic acid".


Our hyaluron care capsules are for external application to the skin. The extraordinary texture and the modern ingredients ensure a velvety soft, smooth and supple skin. Applied directly under make-up, dry skin regains its silky matt shimmer. Ideal & space-saving: the capsules are the perfect travel companions and find their place in the smallest bag.


Moisture Boost with lifting effect: Hyaluron Fluid moisturizes "thirsty" skin and smoothes the skin from within. Ampoule by ampoule the skin regains new suppleness. Noticeable freshness underlines the revitalizing feeling of young, smooth skin.


Brittle and dry skin regains its elastic and smooth surface overnight. Moreover, the barrier function of dry skin is supported in such a way that it can unfold its optimal protection against further dehydration.
Strengthened, the skin can meet the demands of the day.


Unlike creams, hyaluronic acid gels are water-based. Gels have only a low or even no content of oils and/or lipids and can be easily spread on the skin, have a direct refreshing effect and are also quickly absorbed. A gel-like texture is usually due to high-molecular hyaluronic acid. They mainly act on the skin surface where they form a protective film.



Aquatense Moisture Gel+ is the moisture-intensive immediate aid that intensively moisturises thirsty skin. Fine dryness lines are smoothed and the skin relief is improved. The unique active ingredient Aquaporin-Stimulating-Peptide (ASP) promotes the skin's own aquaporins, the "water fountain" of the cells. It ensures a balanced moisture balance.


For a firm eye contour a specific care is the A &O. The Eye Zone Gel is a particularly refreshing eye contour gel for immediate relief. The gel smoothes dryness lines and provides lasting moisture. In addition, it quickly reduces puffiness and effectively counteracts dark circles around the eyes.


Hydrating Gel Mask+ is a moisture-intensive effect mask that provides thirsty skin with intensive moisture. The light gel-like product consistency binds the moisture in the epidermis and restores the skin's protective barrier. The skin receives a lasting, visibly healthy, vital appearance, a refined skin texture and an even, silky soft complexion.


To replenish the daily loss of moisture it is important to drink a lot. Natural mineral water with a high calcium content is ideal. Two litres distributed throughout the day will replenish the skin from within. For a healthy and elastic skin.