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Cooling Leg Lotion - the refreshment for tired legs

20 June 2017

The sun is burning and temperatures outside here in Aachen reach +35°C (95°F) and more. Still, many of us must work instead of lying in the shade with a cool drink. How nice it would be to stick the feet in a cool foothbath under the desk, but who can? You can – with our Cooling Leg Lotion!

Distribute Cooling Leg Lotion over the feet and legs several times a day as required and massage in from bottom to top. The rapid aid when on the go: simply apply Cooling Leg Lotion over nylon stockings. It does not stick, is rapidly absorbed and refreshes immediately.

Cooling Leg Lotion is a highly effective active substance gel with immediate cooling effect for tired, heavy legs and feet. It refreshes and revives feet and legs and stimulates the microcirculation. The extract from red vine leaves strengthens the skin tissue and supports its vitality while the horse chestnut relieves tired legs. The long-lasting cooling effect comes from eucalyptus oil and menthol. Glycerin, a trivalent alcohol, binds moisture by reducing the horny skin's trans-epidermal water loss.

Cooling Leg Lotion is available at well equipped beauty salons, spas and naturally in our online shop.