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New Cosmetic Hub in Oberforstbach

28 June 2018

Paint, windows ... our Cosmetic Hub is almost finished outside. We are already looking forward to show you pictures from inside, too!

Also the grand opening is almost around the corner. Stay tuned and find out more soon.

23 January 2018

In the meantime, the groundbreaking ceremony lies behind us and the foundation of the multifunctional building has been completed at the Cosmetic Hub Oberforstbach in Aachen, in the industrial area Pascalstrasse. The shell construction is scheduled to begin in early February, if weather conditions permit it.

The two companies Janssen Cosmetics and Inspira Cosmetics are building here an office building as a multi-purpose hall for packaging and shipping activities for the cosmetics. In this building the cosmetic products will first be assembled for shipments and then packed for deliveries to the consumers as well as to the beauty salons in Germany, France and England.

The developer of the project is Gebr. Janssen & Co Real Estate GmbH in Aachen. The general contractor is Adams Holzbau Fertigbau GmbH in Niederzissen. The architect is the Architektur Hammers from Aachen.

20 November 2017

In the next five years 2017 – 2022 a new commercial hub for companies from the cosmetics industry will arise in the business park Pascalstrasse in Aachen Oberforstbach. Access to this company cluster will be via Nerscheider Weg, Pontsheide and especially via Pascalstrasse and Hirzenrott for truck traffic.

Janssen Cosmetics GmbH has been based in this area since 2000. The company is a worldwide distributor of cosmetic products for beauty salons and spas and employs currently 34 people. As the company grows, two new buildings will be added to the present headquarters in Aachen Oberforstbach, an administration building with a new training center, and a second building for the logistics to meet the demands of increasing numbers of parcel shipments. This and increasing digitization of sales, will create further jobs in the area, also in cooperation with the regional economic development program RWP.NRW.

The construction process has now been started with the logistics building. The owner of the building is Gebr. Janssen & Co. Immobilien GmbH. Reponsible for the construction work is Adams Holzbau from Niederzissen and the architect office Manfred Hammers has made the plans for the buildings. The construction project is scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of 2018.






Also in autumn 2017, Dr. Sacher Kosmetik GmbH will start with the construction of a company-owned laboratory for the research and development of cosmetic products in the immediate proximity of the new JANSSEN COSMETICS buildings. The company that currently employs 15 people, relocates from Roetgen to Aachen. JANSSEN COSMETICS and Dr. Sacher Kosmetik GmbH have teamed up for many years already. The laboratory of Dr. Sacher has developed cosmetic products for JANSSEN COSMETICS for 20 years now.

Both companies will be located in Hirzenrott, number 16 respectively number 18.

A further company to settle in Hirzenrott is Inspira Cosmetics GmbH. The company develops its own cosmetics brands for distribution in various market niches, in particular professional cosmetics, medical cosmetics and specialist retailers. In addition, they also develop brands for third parties, such as luxury perfumeries, teleshopping channels and professional cosmetics. The company, now employing 6 people, was founded in 2000 and will also settle in Hirzenrott 16.

The company Cosme Care, whose headquarters are located in Roetgen, is already located in Hirzenrott 12. The company has been active there as a manufacturer and contract filler for more than 10 years and occupies predominantly warehousing capacities for packaging in Aachen. An extension for cosmetics production is planned.